If one of your objectives with your internet marketing campaign is to build up your email list, you will need to offer the right incentive so that you can use to attract the right audience that you are interested in reaching. The audience you are after will most likely not sign up to your email list unless they are getting something in return. What value are you giving them?

It’s getting more difficult everyday using email marketing, but it’s still very effective if you strategize your campaign. It’s not enough anymore to just offer great content to your list on a monthly basis. You need to offer them something of value that they need. What can you offer them as an incentive?

The incentive that you offer your subscribers should make an impact with a sticky effective. Offer something to your list which can make them say “wow, this is excellent”. This will help you get very high open rates on your emails when you deliver your list with special offers that they can use. The key with this is to start delivering them something that they can really use.

Ideas for a great email incentive

Relevancy: Your offer always needs to be “magnetic” and relevant to the service or product that you are offering. This can create a long term stream of interested people that desires to read any other emails you send them.

Engaging content: Deliver something in your emails that can be used to engage with your reader. Many times this can be as simple as writing an engaging title that encourages your readers to take an action. This can be focused around a topic that will help people solve a current problem that they have.

Useful content: Make the content of your email practical that they can start doing right away. This is another great way to get people interested immediately.

Digital products: You can deliver coupons, ecourses or an ebook as the incentive of joining your email list. You can post this automatically using auto responders. Doing it this way is a great way of providing the incentive any time a new visitor requests it.

Measurement: Always measure the results of your email marketing campaign. Test different incentives and review which ones are gaining the most interest.