No one has the ability to control their ranking on Google and no one can guarantee you a number one position on this search engine giant. Not even the people working at Google. So why do some marketing agencies guarantee this? The short answer not going into any detail is that they can’t. It’s impossible. Beware of people claiming that they can get you a number 1 position on Google. So what is search engine optimization exactly?

Search engine optimization is not a nice to have anymore, but a must have if you are serious about marketing your business online. This form of online marketing is all about building trust with the search engines and your target visitors. It’s about convincing the search engines that your website, blog, and other online profiles deserves a high organic ranking. That your website is the site that can help the people searching online for your business. Your website is the answer and have the solution people are looking for.

Having a top organic ranking on Google is not a right. It’s a physical reward for optimizing your SEO campaign by creating great content that people want to read. It’s all about influencing your visitors and the search engines. This is an art form, and not just a simple trick that you can activate by the push of a button.

SEO influences people and the search engines by carefully focusing your campaign to be keyword driven and using these keywords everywhere on your website. It’s about creating unique, compelling, and great content that people want to read and share with their friends. Crafting this right is an art form.

With SEO it’s also important that you establish relationships with your website and other industry related websites. Use social media channels like a blog to push your content into the right channels. SEO should never be forceful because it doesn’t guarantee any results. It takes patience, time, and a lot of effort to see results. It doesn’t happen instantly, so plan your campaign carefully and never promise #1 organic rankings to anyone.