When your visitors arrive on your website, what is the first thing that they look at? Is it your design? The images? Maybe call to actions? This could be true, but another thing that catches their eyes are the headlines. If you have prominent headlines on your website, this could be one of the first things your visitors look at.

It has been proven that when you use call to actions in the upper corners of your website it can draw attention, but why don’t you use headlines instead? This way people can first look at the important headlines you want to showcase before they move on to other elements on your website.

Here’s a couple of tips to increase the viewage of certain elements on your website.

Website viewing tips

Photos: Use photos prominently on your website that showcases real people. Integrate this by using these photos together with your call to actions by having a person looking at the call to action button directly. This might cause some of your visitors to notice that the person in the photo is telling them to click on the button.

Powerful headlines: Don’t use long sentences in your headlines. Be short and to the point as most people only read the first few words. Use attention grabbing headlines that stand out and that are easily notices when viewing any part of your website.

Paragraphs: Writing content for the web is completely different than traditional print. Use shorter paragraphs to make it easy for reading and scanning. Also, make important text strand out by using bold text, lists, and sub headings. People are generally looking for a simple answer. Make it easy for them to find what they are looking for.

Optimizing your website to work as a business tool is a science. Create visual appealing markers on your website to grab the attention of your visitors.