Search Engine Optimization should be planned right from the start into your website. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method of attracting targeted visitors to your website from the search engines. Some businesses have website with serious problems that keeps them from getting good rankings on the search engine result pages.

It is your choice if you want to build your website blindfolded with no SEO in mind and without any consideration of how you are going to attract targeted visitors. If you are this person then you are most likely following these very common SEO mistakes you will find on the web.

SEO mistakes

Wrong keyword phrases: If you don’t do some keyword research and you are targeting the wrong keywords, your website visitors will not be targeted. Don’t focus only on the highest competitive keywords. Spread your wings and look for keywords you can use on your website.

Wrong title tags: Using terms like “home page” in your title tag is the wrong way to go about optimizing your pages as this is one of the most valuable tags that search engines look at. Use your keywords at the beginning of your title tag and be sure to not exceed 75 characters with the tag.

Linking: Link to other pages on your website to make it easy to find all of your content. Use keywords in the anchor text of the links so that your visitors  and search engines will be able to know what is to follow. It is very common for digital marketers to overlook the power of these internal links and including keywords in the anchor text.

Don’t duplicate content: Using content you find on the web to place on your website may be easy, but search engines will notice this and can go as far and “sandbox” your website. This means that your website will not rank at all on the search engines.

Website analytics: If you are not using some sort of analytics to measure how visitors found your website and which keywords they used, how will you know if your website is effective? Analytics provides you with a guide on how you can improve your website.

Search engine optimization is really not a one time process. It takes regular commitment, and the evaluation of your metrics to ensure you get good rankings on Google.