If you are busy creating a new business website, what are your priorities? Are you going to focus on internet marketing that includes all the physical marketing methods such as on page optimization, and your core business message or are you going to work only on the design with the hopes that the design will bring in visitors?

In my opinion, you should focus first on the internet marketing of your website because this is what will bring you visitors and help you reach your business goals. Website design also plays an important role because it builds trust, but your website design plan should never have more importance that your internet marketing strategy.

Here’s a couple of tips on starting your internet marketing strategy.

Internet marketing strategy tips

What do you want to achieve? It’s important when you start your marketing strategy that you should first decide on what you want to achieve with your website. Do you want to start generating leads or direct sales? It always has to start with your business goals.

Understand your customers: You also need a good understanding of your customers. What interests them, how old are they, and what are they going to type into Google to find you is questions you should answer. This will determine how you can craft your website content to cater specifically for them.

Call to action: With online marketing, it’s great generating visitors to your site, but if they don’t convert into sales or leads, it’s pretty pointless. Focus on creating a sales funnel where you guide your visitors on what they should do on your website.

On going effort: Once you have optimized your website, do regular tests to see if you are getting the most out of it. Internet marketing is not a once of project, but should be an ongoing effort.

If you are serious about generating business online, your internet marketing strategy outweighs your website design.