What is Scriblr Educator?

Scriblr developed unique audio-visual technology that creates high definition recordings of the talk-and-write process in ANY classroom or educational environment. This results then in the fascinating scenario where any educational session can be recorded without any video-equipment, and stored in very small files, and could even be uploaded to our cloud server to be available to the students 24/7.

Students can view any session as many times as they wish or require until they understand – any day, any time, on any compatible device using Windows, Mac, Linux or Android!

To convert the classroom into a digital classroom is a basic 4 step process, and then it could truly be called “Everlasting”:

  • Teach as usual while using the Scriblr Educator Software
  • Save these sessions on your PC as SUPERlessons.
  • Upload the SUPERlessons quickly and easily to our Cloud Server (ScriblrBox)
  • Share on your Facebook profile or page, and these recordings will be available immediately to your students

What do you need to use the Scriblr Educator?

The drawing card of the Scriblr technology is that you don’t need ANY special equipment to use Scriblr – most schools and educational institutions are already equipped with most of the hardware needed:

  • Laptop or Desktop Computer with or without Internet Connections
  • Standard classroom projector.

  You may need to procure the following:

  • Microphone
  • WiFi enabled Tablet (typically a Samsung Galaxy Tab)
  • Scriblr Educator Software and our Scriblr pad app.

The Scriblr Educator can be used in conjunction with existing interactive whiteboard infrastructure, or can be used as a standalone, economical, yet feature rich, whiteboarding solution on its own. It is not device specific.

Do contact us to arrange a demo at your school. Don’t be left behind!