If you are busy with a copywriting strategy, how long should the content be so that you can get your message across? Should you focus on short content on all your website pages so that it’s easy to read and digest or should you focus on long content? Google loves content and content is still king in the online marketing world. Focusing on copywriting is must.

In my experience, break the content you are going to use in smaller sections as people reading web content wants to scan the content. Use prominent headings, subheadings, and bulleted lists in your content to make it easier to read. This will also help the search engines on crawling your website content. If you are using long content, break the content down on into separate screens. This can help the visitors that are interested in reading more to visit the next pages, but it can sometimes break the sales process for impatient visitors looking for the right answer.

If your products and services are short and to the point, use short copy. This also helps with products and services that users are already familiar with. If you have complex services and products with a heavy price tag, use long copywriting. In most cases with products like these, your visitors needs more information to re assure them. It’s easier to sell a product for R100 than R10000. If you use long content, make a point of answering the most common questions associated with the product. If your explanation is thorough, your customer phone calls will also be reduced because your visitors will have a better understanding of what you offer.

Here’s a couple of copywriting tips to help you get started.

Copywriting tips

Quality: Always focus on quality with your content. Your content should be interesting and engage with your readers on an emotional level.

Scannable: Make your content easily scannable by using headings, sub headings, bullet lists, etc. This will allow your readers to quickly scan the content.

Call to actions: Include call to actions in your content such as “download now”, “buy now”, etc. If someone is ready to make the final decision, give them a way to do it.

Measurement: Test and measure different types of content using Google Analytics. Which content produces the highest amount of visitors that leads to conversions? Focus on creating more of the same pages.