Did you know that you can use your blog for online PR by adding a media room to your blog? Having a media room on your website can be an information source for reporters and people that want to find out more about your business, services, and products. Your media room for online PR can provide people with background information about your business, contact information, and information about your employees. It can also be used to enhance your internet marketing strategy.

By using a simple blogging platform, you can create your media room that will be easy to update and access. It will be connected via an RSS feed so every time you update your media room, it will broadcast the the new content online which will give you even more exposure for your business.

If you keep your media room updated with valuable information about you, it can become a natural link magnet where other blogs and reporters will link back to you when they reference you in their own blog posts or news articles. The key with this is to publish industry related content that is valuable and insightful.

When creating your media room on your blog, make sure you focus on news regarding your business. This can be blog posts and simple updates that you do as the news comes in. Create a specific category for your media room on your blog so that it’s also easily accessible from anywhere on your blog.

What should you include in your online PR (media room) section of your blog? Here’s a couple of tips to get your started.

Online PR tips

  • Information on key employees
  • Downloadable information packs about your business (images, biographies, etc)
  • Business history, mission, values, etc.
  • Links to latest external news publications
  • Information about your products and services
  • FAQ’s
  • Contact information
  • Links to other web properties and social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc)