If you have read any of my previous blog posts about blogging, you will notice that I often use the term “blogging is the heart and soul of social media“. It’s true. Blogging has been around far longer than the buzz of social media surrounding the internet marketing landscape.

Blogging is also a great way to increase your organic search engine optimization rankings and authorship on Google. It’s a great medium to post relevant and unique content related to your brand and business and each blog post that you publish adds a new page to your digital footprint that encourages engagement with your target audience. Even though this all sounds good, how are you going to start with a blogging strategy to get the best out of it? Find a couple of tips below.

Blog marketing tips

What is your business objectives? Blog marketing should always be done with your business objectives in mind. Do you want to promote your services and products? Are you looking for targeted visitors to engage with? Start by analyzing your business objectives and how you are going to use your blog to achieve your goals.

Who’s your target audience? Who do you want to reach with your blog marketing strategy? How much do you know about your target audience? Where can they be found online? What interests them? Once you know and understand them, you can use your blog to reach them.

What are you going to blog about? Choose a good topic that your target audience will find interesting and unique. If you are selling websites, explain what kind of websites you are selling and why they are good. Never try to make a hard sell with your blog. The key is to engage with your target audience.

What blogging platform are you going to use? There are many blogging platforms such as TypePad, Blogger, and WordPress that you can use to start your blogging journey. Choose the one that you find easy to work with.

Start your blogging journey

Always write your blog posts that your target audience will find interesting. Make your blog content interesting and original. Each blog post that you publish should be focused around one topic and one main keyword phrase related to your business. You can use the main keyword in the title, headings, and links of your content.

Blogging is an exciting journey. Start blogging today and see the benefits it will provide your business.