With all the algorithm changes happening on Google over the last couple of years such as the Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird update, you have to find a natural form of SEO (search engine optimization) so that your website doesn’t get place in the dreaded “sandbox” of Google. Did you know that with an optimized blogging campaign you can compliment your SEO campaign?

If you publish unique and original content, your blogging will open the doors so that interested readers can link directly to your content. Each blog post that you publish is seen as a new page to Google and this is very important for Google because your quality content score will increase. If you keep your blog posts focused around specific keywords and long tail phrases, you will automatically be creating SEO food for the search engines.

How your blog can help you

Blogging has been around for quite some time and is an ideal medium for any sized business wanting to market their products and services. Why do all the successful business blog about their latest news, products and services? Because it works. Still not convinced? Here’s a couple of benefits you can enjoy with an optimized blogging campaign.

Traffic: Blogs uses RSS (real simple syndication) to broadcast your message to the search engines as soon as you have published a new post. Back in the day when you published a new website page, you had to wait for the search engines and spiders to find it before it gets indexed. With a blog, you don’t have to wait.

Links: Blogging can naturally attract links if you publish unique and interesting blog posts. Other people will mention in you in their own blog posts producing natural links to your blog.

Google indexing: Each blog post that you publish is seen as a new page. This adds more content to your website and can help your website grow.

SEO changes all the time. Start with a blog marketing strategy so that you can produce positive results in your online marketing strategy. Blogging is also a great way that you can use build awareness, trust, and establish yourself as the authority in your market.