Blog marketing is a way to advertise or publicize your business website. In other words, blog marketing is an easy way that you can use to market your website, products, and services. With blog marketing you can establish your business as an authority and it can also be used as a strong branding tool.

Blogging for your business is an interactive medium that will allow you to reach interested people that wants to find out what you offer. This can include building up quality traffic, building up your online brand, reaching new customers, and help you to communicate directly with your current customers. Even though this sounds good, there is really more to it than just launching a blog. Your blog should have a clear focus if you want it to succeed. Find below questions you should think about before starting your blogging journey.

Blog marketing questions

What is the purpose of your blog? Your blog marketing campaign will work the best when it has a clearly defined purpose. This could be to promote a new service, promoting a whitepaper, targeted traffic or to increase your network size.

Who is your target market? Do you know who you want to reach with your blog? Define your target audience with interests, demographics, and what information they are looking for.

What are you going to write about? Choose a topic that you are going to write about that will interest your reader and that is related to your business. If you sell websites, perhaps you can start a blog on website design. This way you will be able to engage with your audience before they make the final decision.

What platform are you going to use? Do you know which blogging platform you are going to use with your blog marketing campaign? There are many free platforms you can use with blogging such as WordPress.

What keywords are you going to target? Blog marketing works the best if you have a plan. Research and create a list of keywords and phrases that you are going to use in your blogging spree. Choose a couple of keyword phrases that are focused on the topic you are going to blog about. This is very important because these keywords are how people are going to search and find you online.