Blogging has been around for a quite a while, and what started as a simple online journal project, it has now evolved into a complete online marketing solution. Blogs can be used for a variety of purposes. From a simple business website to a full blown eCommerce store, blogging is really not a fad anymore, but a reality.

This sounds all good and you know you have to start blogging for your business to stay ahead of the game, but how do you start with a blogging campaign? To get started you need a couple of tips to help you make the most out of your blog marketing campaign. Find below a couple of tips to get you started with your blogging journey.

Blogging tips

Integration: For the best value, add your blog to your website or on a sub domain of your main domain eg: Don’t use free platforms where you can register  a blog. The reason for this is that the content of your blog should be part of your website. Each blog post that you publish adds value to your whole domain online so it’s pointless if you are adding value to someone else’s domain.

Blog topics: To start publishing blog posts, choose a topic that you will cover that will be interesting to your readers and that is related to your business. Content that is unique, relevant, and helpful has the ability to be shared and this can also increase brand awareness for your blog online.

Educational marketing: Never publish blog posts only related to your services and products that is focused on generating sales. Your blog posts should be educational and help your target audience with their problems and queries. Your website can act as the lead generating machine. Rather, use your blog to build credibility and awareness of what you are doing.

Keyword phrases: When you are writing a new blog post, focus it around a single keyword you would like to target. Select one main keyword that you can write about.