Have you been writing blog posts for a while, but you are not getting any results? Are you getting no comments and visitors on your blog posts? If this is you, I know it can be frustrating. To get your blog posts noticed and start generating traffic for your business, it’s time that you look at the basics of blogging. What is the focus of your blog? If you don’t have a focus, you can be guaranteed to get no results. Blogging can be a powerful online marketing strategy if you do it correctly.

Your blog needs a central message and focus point that is written specifically for your target audience. It should be enticing, interesting, and valuable. Your blogging style should be unique and  you should cater only for your target audience.

Here’s a couple of tips to get started

Blog marketing tips

Who: What segment or target audience are you trying to reach with your blogging? These are the people that are interested in buying your services or products. Try to gather as much information about them that you can. This will help you craft your message better.

What: What interests these people? What information do they require? Once you know this, you can write your blog post on the information that they need.

Focus: To entice your audience to take an action, write informative blog posts on a specific topic. Explain the topic as the authority. This is a powerful way of getting the attention of like minded individuals.

Format: Write your blog posts with your own personality. Don’t write for the search engines because they will not come. Explain a specific topic in your own words.

When to post: Make a point of regularly publishing blog posts. One a month won’t do it. Due to the real time nature of the web, publish a couple of blog posts every week.