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How to make sure to avoid Google’s algorithm changes

The last few Google Search Algorithm updates has made businesses and Search Engine Optimization professionals refocusing their sites on providing top quality content to visitors.  So what does this all mean and how can you ensure that you get good rankings on the best search engine (Google)? Good rankings after an update Visitors Always focus first on your visitors.  Never create your website around Google’s search engine algorithm.  Approach search engine optimization by providing y

Create a social media strategy that works

When you decide that you want to start a social media marketing campaign for your business, you must understand that it needs to be taken seriously. If done correctly, social media can provide huge opportunities for your business. To follow this route requires you to create a social media strategy that you can follow to achieve the best results. Creating an optimized social media marketing strategy requires a few points that you should take note of in order for your business’s efforts to s

Your website should support your business goals

Your website is a business tool that can help you achieve your business objectives. When building a new website or redesigning your current website, always integrate your business objectives into your website to form a solid plan on what you want to achieve with your website. Your website is a powerful tool to support your internet marketing campaign. The first thing you should ask yourself when building a new website is why exactly do you need a website and what purpose will it serve? Is your w

How to improve your SEO rankings with blogging

If you are interested in improving your website SEO (search engine optimisation) organic rankings on Google and the other search engines, did you know that blogging is an easy way to do this? By adding a blog to your website content strategy to improve your SEO rankings is called SEO blogging. Every time you publish a new blog post it’s seen by Google as a new website page that you are adding. The trick to add unique and valuable content to your blog posts. You can use blogging to optimise

Increase conversion on your ecommerce website

As an online marketer that is always looking for the best internet marketing strategies, you most likely want targeted visitors to arrive on your website and engage with you in a specific way. This might be for buying a specific product, registering for your mail list or requesting for more information. This is what marketers want. For designers, they want their awesome designes to be catchy and show off what they have done. To make sure your ecommerce website is getting the best conversions po

How to make sure your site gets indexed with robots.txt

Is Google and the other search engines not including your website in their index? If you have optimised your website but you aren’t getting any visitors to your website from the search engines, one area that you can look for the cause of this could be your robots.txt file found in the root of your website. I was checking one of my client’s websites that had no pages indexed by Google, but had about 2000 pages indexed on Yahoo. This website is not an old one and has been running for a

Why you constantly have to work on your SEO

If you have noticed that your website search engine optimisation (SEO) isn’t getting the results you were used to such as organic visitors, leads and even sales, why is this happening? It used to be easy to get a website up and running and generating a ton of visitors. Why doesn’t this happen anymore? The internet is getting more competitive everyday. There are millions of websites looking to get eyeballs. Why should your website now take favour on top of other websites that are con

Starting with SEO? Do an audit first.

If you are starting out with search engine optimisation (SEO), the first step you should do is create a complete audit on how you are going to boost your presence online. It’s crucial that you first do an audit of the current SEO landscape and your competitors to find out how you should optimise your SEO campaign. The SEO audit should also include a technical review to find out if there are any current issues on your website. It should then be followed by a complete keyword analysis to fin

Optimise your meta descriptions for better conversions

The title of this blog post might be misleading because meta descriptions doesn’t impact SEO (search engine optimisation) directly, but the message in these tags can compliment your user experience. Meta description tags are used underneath your page title in Google’s search results, so they have to stand out. They should be relevant and unique for every page on your website. On the search engine result pages the meta title is shown as the title of the result and the meta description

Tips to get more followers on Twitter

If you are busy using social media marketing strategies for your business, I’m pretty sure you are marketing on this medium to generate leads, sales and to showcase that you are social. A couple of years ago social media was all a buzz online where you had to be on social media to get the upper hand above your competitors. These days it’s all about not falling behind and showing the world that you take customer service seriously – especially when it’s on the public domai

Write great content to get targeted marketing results

Writing for online marketing is completely different than writing for traditional print advertising. Writing content for digital publication on your website should be focused, to the point, brief and have shorter sentences, paragraphs, words and sentences. Each page on your website should have a clear purpose and focus on the sales funnel you want your reader to take. How do you write your content so that it’s focused and generate targeted results? Online content writing tips Target audien

Get more pages indexed on your website for better rankings

It’s a fact that if you have more quality pages on your website, you can increase your search engine visibility on the search engine result pages. You should always try to increase the number of pages on your website to support your search engine optimisation strategy. This doesn’t mean any type of pages, but quality original ones that your visitors will find interesting. Google’s algorithm has changed tremendously over the last few years and websites that are not producing top

Beginning an internet marketing campaign

If you want to start with an internet marketing campaign for your business, where do you start? What technologies are involved and where should you put your focus on? Online technologies are changing at the speed of light on a daily basis, but internet marketing is more about connecting with the right people than it is about technology. A good online marketing strategy consists of a clear understanding of your target audience and communicating to them. Marketing online is not that different tha

Your website needs to tell a story

Did you know that your website is a business tool that can help you reach your goals? To do this it needs to tell a story that your target audience can relate to and it should guide them on exactly what they should on your website. It should grab their attention and instil trust in them. Visitors will arrive on your website because they are looking for answers to their questions or a solution that can help them with a problem. If your website tells them a story in their language that they can un

Selecting the best topic for your blog posts

If you have decided to add a blog to your website to complement your internet marketing and social media strategy, where do you begin? Having a blog and regularly publishing articles can do wonders for your search engine optimisation campaign, but what are you going to write about? What topics are you going to select? What you publish on your blog should interest your readers and be something that you are passionate about. This wil help you pick topics that will satisfy you and your target audi

Get targeted visitors with effective copywriting

If you are busy with a content marketing campaign that involves copywriting for your internet marketing strategy, it’s a fact that if the content is correctly written, it can attract visitors, and motive them to take an action. Effective copywriting is so much more than just writing a description on what you do online. The words you use in your content can be the difference between a good website and a website that is successful. How can you make your visitors take an action with your copy

Using the right keywords for your SEO campaign

When searching online, people often use more than one keyword to qualify their search and to get the exact answer they are looking for. If people are looking to buy a car, they are not just going to type in “bmw”, but “bmw for sale” or even “bmw 320 2014 for sale”. This does add some challenges to search engine optimisation (SEO) people, but when optimising for specific intent and targeting your keywords, it will improve your conversions. Focusing on these ke

Internet marketing starts with keyword research

To have a successful website online that receives targeted visitors daily should make a point of being focused around specific keywords related to the products and services that the website offer. Usually the best conversion generating websites and internet marketing strategies are the ones that are focused around one single theme, but this isn’t always possible and practical. When you have multiple products or services, you need to optimise the whole structure of your website so that it m

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